Our Story

Moments Etched in Time is a local Australian family-founded business by John and Jodie. Our story started when John built a small diode laser from a DVD player in 2016. John lasered an image of our Golden Retriever fur baby Zac onto a piece of MDF. It looked good, but we wanted to capture more detail, and it took forever to laser engrave. John completed many tests and realised that he needed to write some custom code to prepare the images for lasering to get the detail we were looking for.

During this time, we lost Zac as he crossed over the rainbow bridge. So when John lasered a memorial plaque of Zac, we knew that laser engraving photos is something special that we needed to master and share with everyone.

Fast forward to 2019, and John had produced an incredible image preparation algorithm. In addition, we had upgraded to multiple commercial laser engravers to deliver high-quality laser engraved photos.

Meanwhile, Jodie works with suppliers to curate our fabulous range of personalisable gifts. Brings to life our engravable designs and product imagery. Collaborates with you to ensure your moment etched in time is perfectly personalised.

Ollie is our golden furbaby, mascot, inspiration and QA Manager when he is not sleeping on the job. He is our guiding light with his wagging tail and smile that can melt your heart.

What We are About

Our purpose is to spread happiness, celebrate life's special moments, and preserve precious memories.

Personalised Dog Lover Gifts

We know how much your four-legged best friend means to you, as avid dog lovers with our own past and present furbabies. So we have dedicated a section of Moments Etched in Time to personalised gifts for dog mums, dog dads and dog lovers in celebration of your furbabies. Learn more...

Personalised Occasions Gifts

Whether you are looking for a gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day, Christmas, a Birthday, to celebrate a wedding or mourne someone special, we have personalised gifts for every occasion. Our goal is to personalise gifts that make smiles, express your appreciation, celebrate life's special moments and turn memories into keepsakes. Learn more...

Personalised Corporate Gifts

All of our personalised corporate gifts are focused on the recipient and expressing your appreciation and congratulations. By focusing the personalisation on the recipient, your gift is relevant, will be used and remembered. This simple reframing of the personalisation keeps your brand front of mind whenever they use their gift. Learn more...

How are we Different?

1 Laser engraved photos and text. 2 Instant design approval. 3: Real time illustrative preview. 4: Quick and easy personalisation editor. 5: Your special moments etched in time.

At Moments Etched in Time, 'personalisation' means more than just adding text to a gift. Adding photos to your occassions, pet and dog lover gifts make your personalised gift extra special and truly unique and personal. Personalied corporate gifts for staff and clients are better than gifting branded merchandise because making the gift about them makes your brand memorable.

We have chosen to laser etch rather than use print methods for most personalisable gifts because it gives a more intimate, nostalgic and sentimental look, akin to a black and white photo. Our lasering marks the material while still showing the natural beauty underneath, such as wood grain, leatherette contours and stainless steel lustre.

For individual personalised gifts, our online designer is loaded with our in-house designs that you can personalise. Adding your photos and text is easy. With our real-time image conversion and illustrative preview, the guesswork is eliminated. You save time by instantly approving your artwork when you place your order.

We go the extra mile selecting only high-quality gifts, suitable for in-house created personalisation. With flexible options you can select an indivual personalsied gift, a personalised gift set or the ultimate gifting experience with a gift hamper. Each gift hamper contains a selection of complementing personalised gifts, some delicous treats, a personalised gift box and gift card. Our gift hampers form the perfect gifting experience and deliver repeat smiles.

If you would like to get in touch, our preferred contact method is email to design@momentsetchedintime.com.au or direct message on Facebook @MomentsEtchedInTime. Signing up for our newsletter and like and follow us on Facebook, are the best locations to keep updated with all of our product launches, sneak peaks, specials and general goofy, fun, cute and sometimes serious tidbits and chat.

We hope to be making a special Moment Etched in Time for you soon!

xo John, Jodie & Ollie