Kitchen Chronicles Personalised Leatherette Recipe Book for Mum

Capture the heart of Mum's kitchen with our Kitchen Chronicles Leatherette Recipe Book. A personalised haven for her treasured recipes, it's the perfect gift to honour her culinary artistry and family memories.

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The Kitchen Chronicles Leatherette Recipe Book for Mum is a beautifully bound canvas waiting to be filled with the recipes that spell 'home'. It's a celebration of Mum's love, poured into every dish she makes, preserved in a book that's as warm and inviting as her kitchen.

Picture This

Imagine years from now, the scent of Mum's famous dish still lingers as you leaf through the well-loved pages of her recipe book. The rustic gold, black and silver, or black and gold leatherette gleams under the kitchen light, each marked page a memory, each recipe a story. This book isn't just a collection of dishes; it's a compendium of love, each entry penned by the hands that have nourished and comforted you through the years.

Gift Highlights

  • Personalised Engraving: Customisable front and back covers with many elegant design options.
  • Ideal Size At slightly smaller than A5 this blank recipe book is the perfect balance between usability and kitchen counter fit.
  • Durable Hardcover: Designed to last as long as the family recipes it will hold.
  • Generous Page Count: 112 lined pages ready for Mum's recipes and culinary secrets.
  • Convenient Bookmark: Comes with a black satin ribbon bookmark for easy reference.
  • Colour Options: Rustic Gold, Black Gold and Black Silver. All with black satin bookmark ribbon.
  • Dimensions: 136 x 209 x 19mm - a touch smaller than A5.
  • Engravable Area: 123 x 199 mm
  • Packaging: Black box, ideal for gifting to dad.
  • Care Instructions: A simple wipe with a damp cloth will keep the leatherette cover looking as good as new.

Mum's Culinary Legacy

The Kitchen Chronicles Leatherette Recipe Book for Mum is more than just a place to jot down recipes. It's a vessel for Mum's culinary wisdom, a legacy of flavours and love to be passed down. Every recipe and note becomes part of a tradition that feeds the soul as much as the body.

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