Kitchen Treasures Recipe Book Hamper Gift Set for Mum

Celebrate Mum’s culinary passion with the ‘Kitchen Treasures Recipe Book Hamper Gift Set for Mum’. A heartfelt ensemble including a personalised recipe book and pen. Perfect for any occasion, it’s a feast of gratitude for every shared meal and memory.

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We’ve crafted a gift that celebrates Mum's culinary artistry—a bespoke treasure chest of flavours, memories, and love. As Mum weaves culinary magic in the heart of her kitchen wearing her adored apron, where aromas blend, and laughter simmers. Her hands dance across spice jars, and her recipes whisper secrets passed down through generations as she jots them down in her personalised recipe book with her magic recipe pen.

This kitchen treasures gift set includes a personalised recipe book, a personalised pen, and an apron that suits her to a tee. Making it a great gift for the mum who is a discerning foodie, the kitchen maestro, or anyone who knows that Mum’s love is best served on a plate. It’s for those who understand that a meal isn’t just sustenance—it’s a symphony of tastes, a canvas of memories and a show of love. Whether it’s Mother’s Day, Christmas, her birthday, or simply a “just because” moment, this gift speaks the language of spices and shared meals.

The Kitchen Treasures Gift Hamper Unveiled

  • Personalised Leatherette Hardcover Recipe Book with ribbon bookmark. Almost A5 size at 136 x 209 x 19 mm with 112 lined pages. The front and back have laser etching personalisation areas of 123 x 199 mm. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Don't soak or machine wash.
  • Personalised Leatherette Ballpoint Pen with black ink. The leatherette is wrapped so it has a visible join and can be personalised in a 90 x 7 mm laser etching area on the front and back. Wipe with a damp cloth to clean. Don't soak or machine wash.
  • Printed Non-personalised Apron. Crafted from durable fabric, this apron is your kitchen companion—a canvas for culinary adventures. Follow the washing instructions on the apron label to keep it pristine.
  • Magnetic Closure Gift Box. Filled with cushioning support for your personalised gifts, ensuring they emerge looking as fabulous as they are heartfelt. With a printed message of your choosing on the top of the box and the magnetic closure, it adds a premium feel, ready for a wow-factor reveal when opened.
  • Gift Card. The front of the card is printed with a themed message of your choosing to match the gift box. Inside the card, you have an opportunity to shine. We will handwrite your personal message on the card, or you can leave it blank to write yourself.

This gift will give Mum the tools to create a Legacy of Flavours and love every whisk, every pinch of salt, becomes part of a tradition that feeds the soul as much as the body. It’s Mum’s culinary wisdom etched onto pages that hold laughter, tears, and the taste of home. As she flips through her personalised recipe book, she’ll find not just recipes but a legacy—a reminder that her love nourishes beyond the kitchen. And so, we invite you to gift her more than mere items; gift her moments, memories, and the promise of countless shared meals.

Wrap your love in the Kitchen Treasures Gift Hamper. Because Mum deserves more than just a gift; she deserves a feast of gratitude woven into every spice, every word, and every shared plate.

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